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About Us

Zhongshan Xiaolan LVHUA  Electrical Appliance Factory is a global company of LED lighting products.

Company headquarters is located in xiaolan industrial base, is a powerful high-tech enterprises.
Condensed the top scientific research personnel, in the field of national semiconductor lighting in high
power LED Like two optical system, thermal design, circuit drive system implements a number of major
breakthrough,The intensity of illumination, evenness, safety of their products, waterproof, dustproof and other
indicators meet the national related completely Standard,the full implementation of international management.
We are a professional LED products have a large number of applications in cities across the country,
and exported to Europe, America and the east South Asia and other regions. We will be "green China, light
green life" as thecompany all staff the spirit of the pursuit.
Starting from the design of the product research and development to introduce concept of green environmenta
l protection, and in the light of the product application to Health lighting art effect,and fully demonstrate the
LEDas a new generation of light source color power! We are born to the art of greenlighting, always tirelessly
to healthy lighting art carry forward.
For customers, we will consistently pursue high satisfaction of customers isour each Chinese green forever
The pursuit of.
Welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit, guidance and business negotiation.



Contact: Mr.Ho

Phone: +86-18938756978

Tel: +86-0760-22268188

Email: cikithor@gmail.com

Add: No.26, Lianxing Road, Shengfeng Community, Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City


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